The increasing uptake of the internet globally has seen a corresponding rise in its use as a publishing tool. With this, the centuries-old traditional media landscape has witnessed a shift in both methods of delivery and a democratization of publishing power.

To a large extent however, the processes, values and ethics that have been a part of the industry for centuries have not been passed on with the same rapid pace leading to abuses of the responsibilities that come with publishing and a marked difference in quality of output.

As online news media begin to gain dominance and their impact grows stronger, the need to ensure that that same ability is executed with professional responsibility has never been greater.

What is Media Range MAGIC(TM)?

Think about the new generation, the young and upwardly mobile;

Think about the driving force of the future;

Think about what shapes and will continue to shape man's desires, aspirations, hopes and dreams through the years to come....

They will be bound by technology expressed in Mobile, Automation, Gadgets, Internet and Connectivity.

This is the MAGIC that will shape the ages to come.

Media Range Limited is interested in supporting the steps being taken by indigenous talents in these fields and as part of that interest will be running an annual award and exhibition fair.

The categories:

Mobile: Innovations that affect the nature or application of mobile devices and mobile data transmission

Automation: Innovations that affect the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, etc, leading to minimal or reduced human intervention.

Gadgets: Innovations related to the creation of novel tools with particular utility functions.

Internet: Innovations that leverage on the Internet.

Connectivity: Innovations that enhance machine to machine (M2M) communication.



Each year, at MEDIA RANGE MAGIC(TM) at least three outstanding inventions that have the capacity to impact society will be identified and provided a soft grant to enhance their market-readiness through further development (where necessary), marketing, sourcing for additional funding and publicity.

    - Judges
    A team of 10 judges drawn from science and technology institutes across the country as well as local and international technology companies will be set up to shortlist and select the winners over a three-phased process.

    - Grant administration
    A project team will be constituted that will oversee the administration of the grant to ensure it impacts the winning projects and our brand maximally.  The five-man team will be made up of one member from government and four others from the technology/manufacturing/business communities.



Submission of entries will commence on March 1, 2016 and close on April 29, 2016.


Announcement of winners will be done during the MEDIA RANGE MAGIC(TM) 2016 Award and Exhibition Fair that will be held in July 2016..


We help to ensure that your brand is stronger in every channel through consistent application of every asset.

To do this, we work with you to develop your assets, and then align and educate all internal teams to understand your brand promise and differentiate your brand through every customer interaction, enabling them to deliver exceptional brand experiences. We help provide both the technical and organisational tools needed to meet this challenge.

We also offer marketing packages and promotional item production to enforce your marketing campaigns. These include Brochure Design, Folder Design, Logo Design, and all the printing package that will introduce your organization identity to the masses.

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